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Leaving your friends behind and moving to a new place is difficult. I thought that it would’nt be like that for me.

I mean come on!!, I was never the type of girl who is soo popular and have soo many friends. I never had so much of friends ( exspecilly girls) . In fact I only had two guys as friends.

I never expected that I would be someone who would miss her friends, but I was wrong. I thought that before moving away I would just meet up with my friends but because of the virus I was not able to do that.

It was today, when I was doing some cleaning I found out my old slam book and a photo of my whole class. That’s when I really realized how much I missed them. It hit me really hard.

Especially since I was an introvert person I always found it difficult to make new friends. It’s usually my sister’s friends I hang out with, which is a bit weird because their character is totally different from mine.

I usually dont trust many people good enough to confide fully in them. But with these two, Ben and Nathaniel, I felt that I could trust them much more when compared to others.

I would never forget them and even though we may not be seeing each other for the next few years, I made a promise to myself that I would hunt them down in the future.

The whole point of telling all of this is that sometimes I feel sad about missing them but then I always remember something I read a few days ago.

“Don’t be sad that it’s over, be happy that it happened.”

Yeah it did happen. I consider myself very lucky that I met them. I am happy that I met them at some point of my life rather than not meeting them at all.

I think we all should be happy that we were able to experience some special moments in our life even though it had ended. We should be lucky that we got that CHANCE.