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The angel girl

“Wake up you children.Vacation is over”my school matron screamed .whaattt… vacations over I screamed.I hate school.I got ready and went to my class.oh I forgot my name is kai.I am in 10th grade.10 g.I have only 1 friend.everyone thinks I am a sort of  weird. His name is taichi ren.I have grey hair.I have the rarest eyes and it’s grey in colour.cute-boy
My friends have slightly copper hair with jet black eyes.he is soo caring.boy
“hey kai how was your vacation”he asked.
“It was awesome.How was yours”I replied.
We were busy talking when our class teacher entered our class.
Every children in the class stood up and wished her.Our teacher said us to sit down.
she took the attendance.I knew everyone in my class.After that she started giving us the school rules.But, soon she was interrupted.A lady was calling her from the door.They started chatting and our teacher went away from our class.Then after sometime she came back with a girl aside her.the girl was soo cute that i couldn’t stop staring at her.
“dear students this is Amy which means flourishing beautiful. she is from London and she is new here.please cooperate with her”said my teacher.then she lead her to my seat just next to me.I didn’t expected this I said to myself in a whisper.she brown eyes with brown hair that matches with her eyes.uniform-girl
“hi”I said.
“hello”she replied nervously.her voice was soo sweet.she looked at my face then a smile spead on her face and she said”what’s your name.Can you be friends with me”.
“oh !my name is kai. sure I will be friends with you”I cheered.
“OK students take your text books”my teacher yelled.
“which text book “amy asked me.
“this is our English teacher so English text book” I said in a friendly manner.
soon we became very good friends.
“Hey kai can you just show around the school  after tea time”Amy asked at the end of the class.
“sure”I replied.I went straight to my room took a hot relaxing bath and talked with my mother in the Skype in my new laptop.soon it was teatime .I put on a black fulls-leaves shirt  and a dark blue jeans.I also colored my hair brown to match with my suit.
I went to the cafeteria and sat in an empty seat .Amy was no where to be seen.I didn’t drank my tea .I waited for Amy.Soon she came running to me on her way she said sorry for being late.She wore a white gown she was more cutter in that outfit.
she sat down opposite to me and started talking.
“Hey Kai tell me about your family “she said
“They are in London “I replied
“Wow my place”she said cheerfully.
“Who are there in your home”she asked.
“I have my sweet mom Isabelle,angry dad Daniel and my bratty little sister Amelia.
what about you”I asked.
“I have my mom Elisa,my father Alessandr and my identical twin small sisters Ella and Emma.I showed the whole acadamey to Amy.after some time I went to my room after living Amy to hers.the next day i woke up early at 6.00 clock.I dress up and went for a walk in the Passion fruit park inside our campus.i met my English teacher on my way. she is a chubby young lady with brown eyes and blonde hair.she’s a little slim.

“hi Kai .what’re early today.”she asked.
“i don’t know miss.i think today is a nice day.”I replied.
After some time the matron  ran the morning bell. After sometime some children came running outside.I went to Amy”s room and knocked at the door.
“who is it”she asked cheerfully.
“hey are you up I’m Kai. remember me”I said as sweaty as I can.
“oh kai morning wait a sec”she replied.
After sometime she came running outside