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my greatest dream

The Candy Land
One day I came to a place which was boring. I tried to find my way home but, I couldn’t. Then it started to snow whoa! I struck a stone and slipped. When I was lying I felt something sour. Crystal lime in the form of snow. When I opened my eyes I saw a strange little girl standing in front. I was scared to talk to her but, I gained braveness in my heart and said ha-hello wh-who are you soon the braveness appeared to me? and I continued and asked; what is your name? She replied smarter than me: ” Hi I am Reena and I have come here from my home but, I don’t know how. By the way how did you get here?
I replied stiffly back “Same like you ha ha!” I laughed smelling something adorable but, I don’t know what? I asked Reena : “Reena, Do you smell something” ?
Yes! She answered. Then we looked all around in surprise knowing that we were in a candy land. Wow! we both screamed. We enjoyed everything there. Soon, it became dark so we lay down in the balloon in the strawberry syrup lake. It was cool. The next morning the snow went of and the summer came and in front was a palace made of candies. We two went inside. There we saw a lady dressed fully in black like a witch but I think she isn’t because she was so kind to us. she led us in and gave us some hot soup yum. We thought of staying there and we were allowed. But that night something creepy happened. I didn’t felt anything happening  that night but, when I woke up and I realized Reena was not near me. I looked around in surprise to see that I was not in a palace but was in a house which looked haunted.
I ran through the hall from room to room and when I reached the last room I heard a growling noise I turned back but no one was therehu
So I listened to the sound and followed it and found that the sound was coming from the last room I bravely opened the door my heart still thumping. To my surprise, I saw a monster.hunt
I ran as fast as I could. Soon I reached the way out, but I stopped when I saw Reena hanging dead in a tree. I screamed scarred.da.png
Soon the rope which held Reena fell down. The rope disappeared and Reena came walking straight to me. I bravely said “tell me the truth”. Who are you? She replied changing in to a monster and said:
“I ran for my life. Soon, I heard a voice and I recognize that it was my mom. I screamed as loud as I could and said “Mom don’t come hear there are monsters hear” and my mom replied “What there are monsters in your room? impossible!”. Soon somebody touched me. I turned to see my mom with a glass of tea and I realized that it was only a dream.
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horror house dream

The clock strikes twelve,
All are asleep,
Then they come out,
So, silent they creep.
Things come out watching,
With blood red eyes,red blood eyes
No one sees them,
Perhaps they are spies,
Ghosts are waking up,
The bats are too,
Some sound of chainsare heard,
Are they scaring you?
But that’s not all,
Some things are flying,
Vampire bats,
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Chris and Catty

Once upon a time there was a kingdom named pearl land. There lived a King named Julian and a queen named Elizabeth . They were longing for children. Soon Elizabeth and  Julian had two twin children they named them as  Chris and Catty. They were brave children . When they were 10 with their mother’s permission they went to the sea, when they were making sand castle  catty noticed a large ship coming towards them ‘Chris you see that wonderful ship they are so large ‘ Catty said excitedly.
Chris looked at the direction Catty was pointing and said it’s awesome. Let’s go and tell father that someone is coming to our kingdom. So, they ran to the kingdom and said their parents what they saw. Their parents were very disappointed when they heard that and said  “They are pirates they have came to attack us. But brave Chris and Catty said “worry not mom and dad; We will kill them”.
Saying this they when to the field to get their horses and went back to the sea. When they killed the pirates and came back home their parents were very happy and led a wonderful life.